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We understand how important reading and writing is to building a #GreatFuture through our partnerships in early literacy intervention with local schools. To meet the scope of this new challenge, we have now launched The Level Up Literacy Program to provide struggling readers with the one on one tutoring with a proven curriculum that will enable them to get back to their grade level reading goals.



The latest study from the National Center for Education Statistics indicates nearly a 30-year setback in reading and writing scores. We need volunteers to provide one on one tutoring for the many children that are struggling to read.



Level Up Literacy is research-based early reading intervention that works that integrates one-on-one tutoring and family engagement.

Literacy is a bulwark against poverty, a building block of cognitive development, and the birthplace of dignity, freedom, and potential of the individual.


Reading isn't an option.

Early literacy plays a key role in enabling the kind of early learning experiences that research shows are linked with academic achievement, reduced grade retention, higher graduation rates and enhanced productivity in adult life.

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