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Tracy Burnett was a Club member at James A. Lane from age 4 to 16, and says that playing sports at the Boys & Girls Club saved his life. "Coach Pete would see me walking home from school everyday and tell me I needed to come play basketball. And every day I would keep on walking. I was a kid that always stayed in trouble and in 7th grade I was expelled from school. But I started playing basketball for the Club soon after and I never got in trouble again."

One thing that Tracy learned in the Club and will never forget is that "you have to be a friend to make a friend." He says he can still hear Mrs. Liz repeating that to this day.

At 17, Tracy took a job as the HPE Director at the Athens Club until he left to study and play basketball for Alabama A&M the following year. He returned to Boys & Girls Clubs as the HPE Director for Sparkman Homes the summer of his sophomore year, then returned to A&M in the fall to continue playing basketball and pursuing his degree.

Reflecting on his time at the Club and his career aspirations, he realized that he wanted to be a coach. "I felt like playing basketball for A&M wasn't for me anymore. Just like Coach