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Below you'll find resources, activities, and information related to Health & Wellness.

Financial Health:

Physical Health:

  • Make a Rainbow Smoothie - Join Ms. Desiree from the Seminole Club where she mixes art and food together for a delicious and healthy treat.

  • Tips for proper Toothbrushing for Kids - Keeping your teeth clean is important for your overall health. This video will give you tips and tricks to keep those chompers in tip top shape.

  • Healthy Eating Tips for Kids - Good nutrition is so important to Boys & Girls Club and this video from Kids Health gives some great way to eat healthy at home.

Mental Health:

  • 7 Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Kids - With summer approaching, this is a great time to put some healthy habits in place. Check out this video to learn more about easy ways to be healthy this summer.


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