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Child Model


Seeing a young person succeed is inspiring. We need your help to capture those moments and turn them into short stories that we can share with others. To help, we've created a set of tools that anyone can use to gather the right information, ask the right questions, and submit their success stories easily:

Directions: Each club and program area is required to submit a minimum of 1 Success Story per quarter.

  1. Story Builder - Answer the questions, upload your photos or video, and submit your story directly from the Story Builder form.

  2. Email - You can also write and submit your success story by emailing it to the Marketing Director.

  3. Interview Questions & Tips - Use these interview questions if you need help gathering more information about the youth that the story is about before submitting.

To develop or submit your story, click the links below and follow instructions.


To help spread the word about the amazing work you and your team are doing in , we've created a simple process for submitting notable content about your program areas. 


Each program area is required to submit a minimum of 2 Newsletter submissions per quarter.


  1. Past Quarter: The first submission will focus on an important achievement, event, experience, or story in your program area from the previous quarter.

  2. Upcoming Quarter: The second submission will focus on an important upcoming event, experience, or opportunity in the coming quarter.


These submissions are due by the last Wednesday of each month in each quarter (Mar. Jun. Sep. Dec). Email reminders will also be sent to ensure stories are submitted on time.

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