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Future Foward, a highly successful early literacy intervention program that has helped hundreds of children with reading challenges in Huntsville City Schools is seeking partnerships with local schools and educational institutions for the 2022-23 school year and beyond. Future Forward is a free program that is fully funded by Federal Education Innovation and Research grant and is moving into its phase 3 expansion nationally.

Over the last 8 years, the Future Forward program provided one on one tutoring, and family engagement opportunities for children who were struggling to read through its partnership with Huntsville City Schools. During the pandemic, program staff continued to meet virtually and visit students in their homes for tutoring sessions, ensuring there were no learning gaps during this critical developmental age.

“For the children who have gone through the program, the results in reading performance have been remarkable, and watching their families get involved in the process and the self-esteem and confidence they develop is truly inspiring”. - Jamie Burton, Former Principle at Blossomwood Elementary

While the recent decision from Huntsville City Schools to end the program with the 2022 school year provides additional partnership opportunities for other educational institutions in North Alabama, time is quickly running out as schools from other states compete to adopt the free literacy program.

“We're eager to find additional partners and continue the impact this program has had on the children and families in the communities we've served. Learning to read is a critical developmental stage for every child, but especially for those who need our help most."- Angie Brockman, Program Director

Future Forward students at Jones Valley Elementary gather to say thank you and goodbye to Future Forward staff in May, 2022

The Future Forward program currently has the funding, staff, resources, and a proven track record needed to integrate a successful early literacy intervention into other school systems or educational institutions in the area. However, without securing another partnership in the next 30 days, it's possible that the programs impact on North Alabama children will come to an end.

Future Forward students demonstrated double the growth in reading according to the Star Reading Assessment regardless of race.

If you would like more information on how you can support or partner with the Future Forward program in North Alabama, visit or contact Kate Bauer-Jones or Angela Brockman


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